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The Story Ends for our Beloved Ski Boat…

Dear Pioneer Pacific Community,

As you may know, our beloved ski boat broke, irreparably this summer. It served us well over its long lifetime but, as it happens with all things, the time to move on has come. It was a hard summer for the ski boat. First, there was a leak in the hull which caused the boat itself to ride lower in the water. This, paired with the heavy winds we experienced throughout the months of July and August, caused it to take on water. Our waterfront staff worked tirelessly to keep it afloat but on one fateful night, the water that splashed over the side was too much to bare and the boat sunk. Thankfully, it didn’t sink completely (see picture below)


and we were able to rescue the poor, waterlogged ski boat. Our summer staff team pulled it out of the depths and even the salt-damaged engine was revived. We sighed in relief as the tubing activity blocks began again but then, due to the trauma of a long life, full of thousands of trips around the bay and the recent dunking, the ski boat steering column decided to give up the ghost. To be precise, it broke in half, somewhere in the middle of the ski boat body, away from sight and the helping hands that could potentially repair it.

And so the story of our beloved ski boat ends. It has retired to its trailer near the Quarterbirths to be sold for parts.


This however, leaves a hole in our program activities. We need to replace the ski boat so that we can continue to bring quality, smile-inducing fun to the kids, youth, and adults who come to camp every year. In order to do that, we need your help! Our goal is to raise $38,000 by the end of December. Please consider giving to this goal. Donating is easy. Just go online here and enter in the amount that you would like to give. The webpage will lead you through the rest! We would like to thank you so much for all that you have done in participating in camp and supporting us in the past and invite you to give towards the future of Pioneer Pacific.

Sincerely, Janna Rixon
Director of Program Development and Marketing,
Pioneer Pacific Camp

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